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Smoothing reactors:

Smoothing reactors are often used in order to reduce harmonic currents and transient over currents (ripple) in DC systems. These reactors are necessary in order to smooth the direct current wave shape to reduce losses and improve system performance. Smoothing reactors are widely used in various industrial applications and HVDC systems.

AC Line Reactors & Load Reactors:

A line reactor acts not only as a current-limiting device, but it also filters the waveform and attenuates electrical noise and transients associated with the system. You can install reactors in HVAC equipment, pumping equipment, machine tools, elevators, printing presses, UPS equipment, computer mainframes, robotics equipment, ski lifts, wind generators, electric cars, cranes, trams, and many other types of equipment, to extend the service life of the VFD and motor.


Harmonic attenuation.
Drive or Vfd Protection
Motor protection.
Motor noise reduction.


Smoothing reactor        :     Up to 3500 Amps

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