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Smoothing reactors
Smoothing reactors:

Smoothing reactors are often used in order to reduce harmonic currents and transient over currents (ripple) in DC systems. These reactors are necessary in order to smooth the direct current wave shape to reduce losses and improve system performance. Smoothing reactors are widely used in various industrial applications and HVDC systems.

Detuned Filter Reactors
Detuned Filter Reactors:

Detuned reactors are connected with capacitors to tuned filter circuits with resonance in the audio frequency range to reduce, block or filter harmonics or communication frequencies. The detuned reactors are connected either in a parallel configuration in the system (with system voltage applied across them) or in a series configuration (with load current flowing through them).
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SVEControl Transformers are classified as Inherently Limited. This features short circuit and overload protection to
withstand direct shortcircuit in excessof 5 days. It doesnot require external protection or internal fusing and can be sized for
average o rcontinuous current load..

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Special Purpose Motors

These motors are specifically designed for grinding applications, especially for COFFEE DAY MACHINES.

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